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CG TP-02A K-type Thermocouple Sensor Digital Probe Tester 100cm 1M Wire Temperature Measuring 1.4cm Interface Thermocouple
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Temperature Sensor Furnace
Type Temp Range
Thermocouple B: PtRh30-Pt6 0~1600℃
R: PtRstrong3-Pt 0~1300℃
S: PtRstrong0-Pt 0~1300℃
N: NiCrSi-NiSi 0~1000℃
K: NiCr-NiSi 0~900℃
E: NiCr-CuNi 0~600℃
J: Fe-CuNi 0~500℃
T: Cu-CuNi 0~350℃
Type Temp Range
RTD Sensor PT100 -200~+650℃
PT1000 -200~+650℃
CU50 -200~+650℃

Hand Holder Surface Thermocouple

Product Name WRN-02A
Wire Length 1000mm(You can also customize length)
Mini. plug Design Feature
Hydrothermal Reaction Time <5s
Measurement Range -50-200
Application It is used to measure the temperature of solid surface, gas. Not good to measure the liquid

  • Bare type thermocouple
  • Insulation: Fiberglass braided
  • 7/0.2mm chromel alumel

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