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CG E5EZ 48*96mm 0~ 1300 Degree TC RTD 4-20mA 1-5V Input mA Voltage Output With RS485 Digital Intelligent Temperature Controller
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Type E5CZ/ E5CN/ E5EZ/ E5BN/ E5AZ
Power Supply 110V-220VAC / 24VDC

Multi input: K (0~+ 1300℃), E(0~800 ℃), J(0~800℃), PT100(-200~+600 ℃)

Single input: 4-20mA OR 1-5V

Single Output

Relay/ SSR/

4-20mA (Linear and PID) / 0-10V(Linear and PID)

Accuracy of Measurement ±0.5%
Outline Dimension 48*48mm/ 48*96mm/ 72*72mm/ 96*96mm
Alarm Two Alarms
With RS485 Yes
Operating temperature 0-50℃
Compensating error of cold side ±2℃(the software corrects the data for 0-50℃ fluctuations in temperature )
Control Mode

Adopt industrial and PID Parameters of

Control System,Temperature Control,

responsible faster,Start modulation smaller,

accuracy higher than troditionalPID

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